George changed his life

One day, George decided he’d had enough. He walked into the office of the small business he had owned and slaved in for 10 years and made a phone call that would change his life.

For the past decade, he and his business partner had eked out a living, taking home less than $40,000 each a year, in a business that took their heart and soul as they worked virtually every waking hour to keep it afloat.

There were small profits, yes. However, they were just enough for them to get by on. In fact, if you’d plotted their profits on a graph they would have resembled one of those flatlines on a hospital EKG machine… no upward movement. Just more of the same, year after year, and it wasn’t getting any easier.
All the old issues still applied. Recruiting and training staff, generating leads and sales, dealing with issues in production, struggling with ineffective marketing, juggling finances. He was frustrated and over-worked. And, quite frankly, desperate for a change.

That’s when it hit him. He’d been working IN his business and not working ON his business, for too long. He was so stuck in the “busy-ness” of his business. He didn’t have the time or headspace to focus on what was really important. And he decided he needed help from someone with the tools, strategies and experience to create massive change.

So, he picked up the phone and called a guy he’d seen doing amazing things with a range of businesses, large and small.

Within 1 year of implementing what this Business Coach taught him about working ON his business and not getting caught up IN his business, George became a successful businessman.That’s the power of working with a Coach.

Have you ever wanted to find your own business coach? Someone who could give you the inside track on the secret to profitability and success?

If you answered YES to that question, then you have come to the right place. Each of these coaches are great at what they do. Each of them can help you create the success you deserve. Let them share their success with you.

Bill Annesley
Small Fish Business Coaching

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