GFC – Time to cust costs and jobs or time to invest in your business


The studies show that the companies that recover quickest from a recession are those that didn’t lay everybody off when the going got tough but that invested in their customer relationships and in growing their market share. (Source:  Study by Bain & Company – Article by Robert B.  Miller, Founder Miller Heiman.)

Robert says “A slow market is the time to consider doubling down on sales resources”

What can we do?

Please read the article, but the point I want to make is that there is still a market out there – GDP may shrink but it won’t disappear altogether. Neither will your market (unless you are very unlucky) so go and get a bigger share of it! Now is the time to be active and ambitious with your business’s sales effort.

How can Small Fish help?

We’re business coaches and we really believe we can help you improve your business’s sales efforts, customer service and quality – by:

·         Working out what you need to do (together)

·         Making a plan with priority (together)

·         Making sure the tasks in the plan get done (together)

We’re not magicians and we can’t come in and make it all happen in a day but our process works and it helps you make sure you get some things done, instead of carrying on as normal and hoping things get better soon.

What’s the pitch?               

We’ll prove how we can help by giving you a free business coaching session. We take great care to make sure the session is more than a sales pitch – we will do a miniature version of the assessment part of the process above and write a report for you to use back in your business.

We believe we’ll show you how we can help. If you don’t want to be coached after the session, we’re confident you’ll have got $500 of value from it that you can go and apply in your business.

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