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How do you know how much to charge?

How much should you charge?

It’s a very broad question, isn’t it?

No one seems to know how much to charge.

Imagine the situation: you present your quote to a customer or your price you give over the phone and they say, “That’s too much.” Or “Some other guy was much less.”

And how do you feel?

Not great, I don’t think. I don’t think you feel great. I think you probably don’t feel very confident.

  • Are you more expensive than someone else because you’ve charged too much?
  • Because you take too long?
  • Have you made a mistake?
  • Maybe you misunderstood something?
  • Did you f%#k your quote up?

(I’ve made a list.)

  • Are they lying to you to try and get you to put your price down?
  • Has the other guy put in a ridiculously low price in order to win the deal for some odd little reason of his own?
  • Does he have no cost and you have lots?

All these questions leave us lacking in confidence and unsure about ourselves. And that’s not fair, it’s difficult right? There are so many unknowns and there’s so many possible responses to why you’re more expensive.

I’m Jon obviously from Small Fish Business Coaching. I run the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program and it’s for tradies who want to grow and scale their trades business. And part of that of course is being confident in your pricing. It’s being confident particularly in charging enough for you to grow your business profitably with enough margin. So that you can pay everybody, so that you can invest in a business coach for example, or marketing, or admin staff, or equipment and vehicles, and all that necessary stuff.

Now, in the Builders Talk group Facebook group that I’m part of, there are lots of people always asking questions about pricing, about how much to charge, how much they should be charging, and demonstrating, and showing this kind of lack of confidence that it’s easy to have.

The answers are always quite varied and we know quite apart from “Why don’t you know you