How To Get Your Energy And Motivation Back, Tradies

How to get your energy and your motivation back if you’ve lost it for a bit?

I know on a few occasions lately, clients of mine have said on our group coaching course that they’re struggling a bit with their motivation and feeling flat.

They’re not feeling it, they’re just generally not having a good time of it. So why is that?

It could be the current climate, COVID, wars, interest rates and the economy.

It could be your lack of a clear view of the future of your business.

It could be a general.

There’s a bit of one going around I think at the moment – it could be our industry.

Mine’s a bit flat at the moment, demand’s a bit flattened and it might be that you feel like you’re working hard and busy, not really getting ahead or you’re stuck in your business, not having holidays and not having fun.

You’re working hard and not really winning or maybe overwhelmed.

There’s too much to do. I feel like I’ve got most of those things going on but any one time I’ve got something of them going on.

So there could be any reason for it.

It happens.

How does it show up? What does it mean in terms of how you behave at work that can show up in you putting your head down and your bum up and burying yourself in the day-to-day, getting back on the tools more, burning through or churning through work and jobs and things that you need to do but kind of not getting to the work?

You really need to do it, right?

Not doing the difficult work or the scary work or the stuff that takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone, not doing the stuff that’s going to make your business better for you – that’s where it mostly shows up and that can be procrastinating.

That’s a form of procrastination.

You can share when you’re making mistakes or forgetting sh*t and which of course compounds the issue, pisses you off more, of course.

You can make yourself grumpy, more grumpy than normal.

So what can you do?

You can do a few things because it’s caused by the kind of emotional state of not winning, not resting or not having a future.

1. Forgive yourself or go easy on yourself

We all have this. We all have off periods and off days – you can’t be always on top of your game. Anyone who says they are is lying.

So that’s one thing you can do. Forgive yourself.

2. Have a rest

Take a break. Have a holiday, have a day off (I call it a f*ck it day).

Take the day off and see if you can find a partner in crime – going to go and have a nice long lunch and take the day to just do nice things.

You might go surfing, you might do whatever you like doing – play golf. You can book a holiday even, a long weekend helps.

You could put some boundaries around work and call back some time for yourself and do some of the things you like doing, whatever. Have a rest.

Do something nice for you, it makes a big difference.

You could spend some time looking back at all the things you’ve achieved in recent weeks and recent months. You have been doing the work up until now when you lost your mojo.

You need to look back and see that you’ve been doing work and see that it’s been having an effect and you’ve probably achieved some things. 

Obviously, if you haven’t, this will help you very much. But it’s good to remember that all your hard work has had an effect because we tend to focus on what’s ahead what we need to be doing and what’s not being done and forget that we’ve done stuff.

You wouldn’t like that. So remind yourself. Make yourself look at what you’ve achieved, and how far you’ve come.

3. Reconnect with your goals

Think about what you’re doing this for. What’s the point? Why are you doing this work? Why are you trying to make your business different or better – is it the money, is it the time off, is it to provide a legacy for your kids? What is it? Why are you or why should you be doing all this work? Do you still want that?

Because if you don’t, rethink. And if you do then, is it still worth it? It reconnects you with it being worth all the effort, so that’s helpful.

4. Revisit your plan

Decide what you should be doing.

Pick one thing and do it. Focus yourself, do the overwhelm, and pick one of the important improving jobs you need to do for your business. Commit yourself to spending some time on that every week or every day. Work on making your business better.

Focus, pick one thing, and know why it’s important.

We do this in our business coaching program. A big part of our program is helping people deal with their sh*t, with their lack or loss of mojo and stay on track.

They all get back on track even and deal with their struggles and get back to doing the work that’s going to make the changes they want.

We review strategy quarterly and we have group coaching calls every week. If you come on and say ‘I’m struggling with my mojo‘, somebody else is going to say ‘me too’.

So we can look at your business successes together and do some of this work there in that forum.

You can book a one-on-one and say, “Jon, I need a Pep Talk”. And if you come to Byron Bay, I’ll meet you for coffee or beer and that’s usually helpful to even half an hour – kind of a reset with me is helpful.

With the coaching, you can get the help already. If you want to, talk to us about the business coaching program and we’ll get in touch.

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