Inspired by Inspirational People

What has really amazed me about working with Small Business owners is that they achieve so much on their own in such little available time. I am constantly reminded how lucky Small Business owners are when they are successful and loving what they do. As a Business Coach, selfishly, I have had great satisfaction in working with people that care and demonstrate inspirational stories about themselves. Working as single parents, juggling families, managing friends and family, maintaining a sense of well-being and connectedness, all the while working ridiculous hours to ensure their business is a success.

I have spent the last few weeks working closely with Pink Printing Supplies and each time I leave a meeting I feel enthused and energised. The Director, Debra, is the walking embodiment of her business and her life. Amazingly, when I looked up the meaning of embodiment to ensure I had the right word, the example sentence was ‘she seemed to be a living embodiment of vitality’. How well connected to my thought process is that??? Brilliant.

Debra has an alter ego called Miss Pink, which she utilises as her persona to promote her business (You can see some lovely pictures on her website). What I love about Miss Pink as a character is that she clearly articulates a brand awareness that is easy to remember and identify. The best thing though is that the personality behind Miss Pink is no character. The personality is synonymous with the whole business and I can’t stress enough how important that is for Pink Printing Supplies. Return clientele and referral business make up a majority of customers. They are not just buying a product; they are buying from a business personality, a brand, but a brand that is the true essence of that business.

Debra’s passion for her business and her desire to make changes to build a stronger long-term vision is outstanding. I was immediately captured by her openness and willingness to communicate. She certainly made my job as a coach extremely easy. But the takeaway for me has been the inspiration I have taken from her story. She milks every minute of every day for what it is worth and does it with steadfast positivity! I leave our sessions feeling excited, alive and wanting more, much more.

Imagine if your customers felt the same way about you when they interacted with your business. Feeling energised, inspired and wanting more. That’s business nirvana isn’t it?

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