Marketing Your Trades Business on The Job Site

Hey it’s Jon here. What I want to talk to you this week about is marketing… Marketing for your trades business.

I want to talk specifically about site-based marketing. I’ve probably banged on about this a little bit in some previous videos. I certainly talk about it in my workshops and I certainly encourage all my coaching clients to consider spending some of their money and some of their energy on this site-based marketing. And what prompted me was, I was walking around in Byron Bay and there’s a new shop with a new sign being built, a signer armor doing the sign and they have signarama bright red t-shirts on, and a little A-frame that says, “Signarama Worksite.” You couldn’t mistake that it was a signarama job being done.

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I actually stopped to take a picture (the guys didn’t want to be in photo because they were too embarrassed) but you know it’s a really powerful way to do your marketing. Where your customers or any of other customers? Particularly if you do signs, but if you do kitchens and bathrooms or houses, your customers are those same people in that same suburb and that same locality. So you know it’s an easy and it’s a cheap way to say to them, “Hey, look we do work.”  And to present yourself in a way that says “Hey, look we’re professionals and growing up about the way we do our work too.”

So it’s easy to do. It’s cheap to do. Why don’t you go ahead and think about, are you doing yourself justice in terms of uniforms, site signage, vehicle signage and even the signage that you can leave behind when you finished the job too which is one of my favourites. So look, have a think about that. It’s cheap. It’s easy. And it helps you present more professional to your location based markets.

See you later.

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