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Know Your Value Series

It’s important that you charge enough money so you make profit on your jobs – enough to pay everybody (including you), cover the overheads of your business and leave some left for contingency and profit.

Charging enough (not too much, don’t get me wrong – this is not about being greedy, it’s about have a sustainable business) is difficult in a world where your customers and the press in general are pushing your price down.

One way to combat this is to understand the value you bring and to be able to articulate it to your customers – in your marketing and in your sales process.

I’ve put together this series of videos illustrating 3 ways a good trade business brings value to its customers (compared to some of the alternatives – the cheaper ones).

Know Your Value As A Trade Business (Episode 1) : The Crowbar

This is a short (true) story about how hiring a good trade business – that had taken out insurance – was good for the customer – an accident happened and the customer was protected. It’s an example of the benefit of working with trades businesses who do it properly.

Read the full article here.

Know Your Value As A Trades Business (Episode 2): Structure

We’re on knowing your value and this video is another example of how trades businesses that do it properly have more value. It’s about structure – how having structure in your business, as opposed to winging it – is good for your customer, is reassuring when they are deciding and protects them from mistakes (and things being forgotten)

Read the full article here.

Know Your Value As A Trades Business (Episode 3): Rogue Tradies

We’re still on your value to your customers. They are scared of hiring a trade business that turns out to be one of the bad guys. Don’t leave them scared, prove that you aren’t…..

Read the full article here.



About the Author

Jon Dale

Jon likes helping business owners and especially owners of trades businesses. Life can be a bit frustrating when you run a business and a trade business can be even more so. Jon reckons this stuff is fixable and that you can fix it by making some fairly simple changes to the way you do things. In fact, he runs a free monthly webinar to help explain the process further of moving your business from manual to scalable.

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