Its Business Makeover Time – Learn To Say No

Written by: Mariejan Bigby

It is hard to take a step back sometimes and take an objective look at your business but that is what we are asking you to do today. You need to look at your day – what happens in the business? Are you constantly reacting to what happens or are you in control and know what will happen next?

This task is a follow on from last weeks question – Do you know where to spend time in your business to make a profit? If you don’t know then you need to know – look at what brings money into the business and how much it costs you to provide that product or service.

Now answer these questions:

  1. I have a schedule/plan that ensures I never miss important tasks – Yes or no?
  2. Where do I waste or leak time?
  3. Is my productivity (and that of my team) awesome?
  4. What behaviours, habits or fears are holding me back from success?
  5. Do I know how to deal with overwhelm?

Most of the change involved with this process is learning to say no.

Say no to:

  • the customers who are too demanding and don’t appreciate what you do
  • to those interruptions that waste time and have no real outcome – i.e. they don’t bring in money or improve your business in some way
  • others timelines – read your email, take phone calls and meetings when they fit into your schedule.
  • The negative thoughts, fear or behaviours that hold you back.
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