Traditional Marketing And Other Marketing Strategies You Can Do Instead

Today’s topic is:  ‘Traditional Marketing and Marketing I Don’t Think You Should Be Doing Anymore.’

This came today… a phone book. I didn’t even know they still happened. My daughter just came home from school and said, “What’s That?” Well, we had a look, it was quite fun you know, we looked ourselves up, we looked up a map of where we live. Great. But no one looks at them, do they? We’ve all got phones and computers now. Nobody keeps the yellow pages or the local directory and looks in the book anymore.

I’m Jon from Small Fish Business Coaching. I’m a business coach. I run the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program which is coaching program for trades business owners and builders who want to grow and get some size and scale and profits and stuff happening. Not the tiny small builders.

Now if I was coaching you, I’d be encouraging you not to spend your money in one of these books. And if I was coaching you, I’d be saying spend that money instead on building a proper website of your own.

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Now granted, I don’t want to completely run these people down. If you’re a tiny little trades business and you can’t afford your own website, then this is fine. This is the cheap way to get online and people will find you for less money than you would spend building a decent website and marketing.

But if you want to get to that million dollars and two million dollars and beyond, you need to have your own website. You need to spend some decent money on it too, right? You should be spending $6000 in my opinion. You should be taking pictures and video testimonials of people you’ve done work for and projects you’ve done. You should have nice images, you need to do the SEO properly so that Google recognizes the site and you need to spend time and money making sure people get to the site. Of course you need to make sure that when they get to your site, they make an enquiry. You need to build that bridge, that trust gap, you need to make them feel confident to press the enquire now button to call you.

I know lots of tricks and important things you need to do to make it easy for them to do that. You also need to spend money as I’ve said, in attracting people to it. And I’m going to talk specifically just now, about when people are searching for the service you provide. It’s really important for trades businesses. If you’re a plumber, people are going to look up ‘Plumber’ on the phone and they need to find your website and it needs to look good and encourage them to enquire, that kind of thing. You should be spending maybe $1500 to $2000 dollars a month on this stuff. Which, of course, there’s no point doing it unless you’re gonna make that much money.

I did a little calculation here. $6000 for the website and $1500 a month for 12 months is $24,000. You need to think about how you’re going to make $24,000 of additional margins or profits from the extra work that’s going to come in from your website. Now I think it’s eminently possible and doable and you should be investing like that. You know, in my experience, to not invest like that and trying do a website on the cheap just means you don’t get very many leads, right?

If you were to be my coaching client, I would strongly be encouraging you to do that and I would be offering you the help of my team which we call ‘Small Fish Marketing’ to do it for you.
If you’re not my coaching client, I’m still gonna offer you that possibility. We’ve built a team and we’re certain we know what to do in a very specific way – We want to build sites that bring our tradies leads and do the traffic generating work for you.
So if you’d like to talk to me about that, press that button down there. Book yourself one of those 10-minute chats and we’ll see if we should work together.

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