Paralysed By Indecision?

Then the truth of the matter is that the universe will make the decision for you.

Being in business is fun for lots of us. We love the hurly-burly of going forward, overcoming the obstacles, getting team alignment and a game hard fought. For us we sometime think all business owners are like us, but they are not.

Many businesses are coasting along, happy with the way things are and very content with just opening their doors each day and seeing what happens. Lady luck is their mentor.

Others have developed a winning formula based on past success that they are churning out day after day. Of course over time, like the frog in slowly heating water, they finally reach the end of their business life and at the end don’t even know it. See Business Life Cycles.

Some just can’t make any decision at all as they seek the RIGHT one, the one without risk, the answer. They often fall victim to the ‘foolproof answer’ charlatans for whom they are the natural prey.

For them, the good news is the answer has been found.

It is 42. I hope that makes a difference, but I am guessing it may not.

Then there are the ME TOO’s. My competitors have 1/2 price Tuesday, I have 1/2 price Tuesday; my competitors offer 42 days interest free (warning, look very carefully at the fine print). That’s for them as well. If you run a pub or club then the meat tray raffles, Karaoke, happy hour, badge draws, TAB, Keno and some of the cheapest nastiest wine by the glass this side of MIA.

Me Too’s share the available market and are trapped by their competitors.

There are those who run their business each day exactly the same as the previous day.

At 7.30am they put the key in the lock open the door, turn on the lights, put on the kettle, have a cup of coffee and settle down into “IT”. The day consists of what it always does. At the end of the day it is off with the lights, close the door, take the key out of the lock and head for home.

What is the colloquial definition of insanity….something like “repeating the same action again and again and expecting to generate a different outcome”.

I should mention those with the grand scheme or “build it and they will come” business philosophy. Grand schemes like golf courses, night clubs, restaurants a long way from anywhere, and of course Telstra. Of course the grand scheme has lots of associated costs and considerable investment and if they do become successful their business is pinched by low cost operators leaving them a bit like the Pasha Bulker.

Well you get the drift…… or maybe not (pun).

What I mean is getting good results for the business season may not be that hard. Put together a great team, get an innovative and experienced coach, practice the moves, add a touch of brilliance by thinking fast on your feet, be prepared to take the hard knocks and get up smiling (nothing unsettles the opposition as this), and be prepared to play the whole season and lose and learn from a few.

On the other hand sometimes it pays to try new stuff when you want a new outcome.

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