Referral Request

As a small business, operating locally, Small Fish, like many other businesses, is keen to grow.

You are receiving this newsletter because you requested it, because we’ve had some contact and I thought you might like it or because you glanced in my direction one day and I thought that meant you wanted a business coach. OK, I’m joking but you may or may not be considering working with a business coach right at this moment.

As an encouragement to consider it, I’m offering a free coaching session so you can try it out (see the sales pitch above)

If you’re not considering it, you might know someone who is or who could benefit. Please pass this newsletter on to them and ancourage them to take up the offer of a free session – it really is free and I really try to help them out. Or, send me their details and I’ll ring them to explain myself and who sent me to them.

The type of businesses that benefit most are:
on the northern beaches
keen to grow or change
prepared to invest in that growth
ready to use external tools (like coaching) to help them achive their goals
and finally…able to afford it!

Thanks in advance.

There are four ways you can engage with me:

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2. Join the Trades Business Toolshed Facebook Group where you can watch these videos, ask me questions or talk to your peers.

3. Attend my next Tradie Profit Webinar.

4. Book yourself a 10-minute chat with me. We’ll talk about whether coaching is right for you now and if it is, we’ll go further into the process before you have to make your mind up.

See you later.

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