Keep A Sales Forecast And Win More Jobs Tradies

Hi, it’s Jon here from Small Fish Business Coaching and today I want to talk to you about recording your sales opportunities. I call it keeping a sales forecast or a quotes register. And the point really is to keep you focused on that important way of bringing money into your business.

Lots of tradies I do work with and that I meet, are bit informal about their quoting and about tracking it. And most of the process goes a bit like this, somebody enquires, you go and see them, if you like them enough and you think it’s worth it, you do a quote, and then you often submit it, often by email, which is a crime if you ask me, and then that’s it. You kind of let it slide you know. You don’t want to ring them up because it feels a bit like you’re begging for the work. So people let it slide.

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The point I want to make today, that’s a bad thing. You shouldn’t do that. Now, I’m Jon. I’m from Small Fish Business Coaching. I run a program called the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program and I help people make their trades businesses better but mostly I do it by focusing on the money. Not entirely, but mostly I do it by focusing on the money. And one way in particular that I like to do that, is by helping you look at how you do your sales better. If you do your sales better, you win more work, you win more of the quotes that you do. If you do it properly, you win more of them at a high margin (which is a topic for a different day).

So today, it’s about this focus. Specifically, it’s about focusing on keeping a sales forecast or a quotes register. So when you do a quote, write it down, Mr. and Mrs. Smith or you know Jim Blogs builder or whatever, whoever it is, quoted this amount of money, and a little comment on what you need to do next.

I do this with a lot of my clients. We’ll look at it every fortnight. I’ll say, “let’s look at the forecast.” And I go, “what’s happening there?” And my clients will go, “I should probably call him.” And it helps keep you focused on doing the work that brings the jobs in.

This is for project businesses right? Not so much for a jobbing tradie but it’s really important, it’s really valuable, it makes you follow up. And the nice thing for your customers of course, is that it shows them that you’re on top of your game that you’re on top of your game. That you’re following them up, that you have systems to follow them up and when it comes time for them to award the work, guess who is in the hot seat? The people, or the builder or the tradie who’s been on the phone going “How’s everything, where we up to, what do you need from me?”

Look, I hope it helps, I do this with a lot of my tradie clients. About 4 or 5 of them – we look at a sales forecast every fortnight. We look at the forecast, and it has helped people grow. It helped a builder a client of mine double their business compared to this quarter last year. And we believe it’s only from that focus, from focusing them on not just letting people slide away.

I do it with my clients, if you like me to do it with you, I’m sure you know what to do.

Reply to this email, or click the button and book yourself a time.

But if you don’t want to do it with me, maybe try and do it with somebody inside your business.

Get your PA, or your assistant, or your wife for your business partner to look at it with you once or fortnight. Put that discipline in place.

See you later.

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