Skills of Leaders

A business will do as well as the people who lead it. This means that you can’t just open a business and hope that the customers will come and the product will move off the shelf. The business owner must lead the business to the vision they have for it.

The skills of leaders are many but Michael E Gerber in his book “The E-myth Enterprise” has summarised them into five skills which are:

Concentration – Without concentration, a business will be ordinary in every respect, because it will have no presence, no inner force, no way to attract the people upon whom it depends for its life, energy, and force – employees, customers, suppliers and lenders. Without concentration, there is no ability to listen, to respond, to be available to the four primary influences.

Discrimination – The ability to choose upon what, where and whom our attention, our ability to concentrate, is directed. Business owners who do not have the skill of discrimination tend to believe that everything is of equal importance. They overlook the significant in favour of the urgent. That which is happening around them captures their attention. Bob Jones, Sr once advised “Never sacrifice the permanent on the alter of the immediate.”

Organisation – The ability to turn chaos into order. There are three things that can be organised: time, space and work.

  • The organisation of time prevents the overutilization of energy to achieve one’s objectives; just enough time – and no more – within which the right action can be efficiently performed.
  • The organisation of space produces the right tools in the right place in the right quantity to support the right action with an economy of effort.
  • The organisation of work identifies the natural way to take action, the relationships between functions and the coordination between the two.

Innovation – turns order into action. Innovation is sometimes called the “Best Way” skill; it is always in search of perfection. While organisation is interested in efficiency, innovation is concerned with effectiveness – faster, cheaper, smoother, softer.

– it is the skill through which results are produced in the world. Communication touches and is touched, reaches out and is reached for, moves and is moved upon, acts and is acted upon.”

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