Take your business to the next level! – What does that even mean?

That’s a funny question isn’t it?

What’s the next level of your business? It always sounds to me like a bit of mindless bullshit that people say so they don’t have to think. Jargon is often that I find. But I think in this context, in our context, your business, your trade business, your building, or plumbing or electrical services business or whatever. It does have some meaning.

Seth Godin, a business writer wrote about it and he said that there are good sizes for businesses and bad sizes. And the good size is small you know, tiny, everything is kind of easy because everyone knows each other and knows what to do and you know what to do.

And then there’s big, when everyone has a job and knows their job and all their systems are in place, and processes are in place, and infrastructures are in place. But between the little that’s good and the big and good, it’s a bit shit, is a bit uncomfortable because you haven’t build the systems yet, and you haven’t got enough people to do the stuff you want to do and it’s kind of a funny juggle to try and sort that out as you’re growing.

So the trick I think, is to make that transition as quick as possible. Build those systems but also get big enough to be able to afford to have the people to do the stuff so that you’re not trying to do it all.

And I find myself speaking to tradies and builders a lot who find themselves stuck in that transitionary period trying to do so much to themselves. Not quiet sure how to change and get bigger, stuck in that cycle of doing the work and earning money because it’s important but not making those changes or not making them fast enough to get the growth and the joy that comes from being bigger and not having to do it all yourself.

So a good first step of course is to hire me, but no the good step is to come to the Tools Down workshop in November the 18th and 19th here in Byron Bay, it’s a weekend.

Come up for the weekend, take 2 days to think about how you might want to make change in your business and make it work better for you, $297 plus your flights and your accommodation. We’ll go out for dinner on Saturday night.

I hope to see you there. You can read more about it and watch more videos from me by pressing this button over there or somewhere. And if you want to chat with me and ask me questions of course you can give me a call – 02 5612 9836.

See you!

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