Testimonials – Why They Are So Powerful

In the current climate, consumers are becoming more and more skeptical. They have heard all the claims from the snake oil salesmen and they no longer buy it, it is too easy to go online and check out the deals and see what is real and what isn’t. Therefore the customer needs more convincing than ever, before they will give you the most important element of every sale – trust.

One of the tools we must use in order to establish trust is the testimonial. When it comes to selling our goods and services, there are two powerful reasons why we should all use testimonials at every opportunity.

  1. They give the intending purchaser some comfort that they won’t make a mistake
  2. Testimonials can be used to defuse common objections. It is very powerful  to see some of their peers mention their similar concern, but then report a positive outcome.

I believe that testimonials should be used by everybody who has a customer base and who is actively looking for more. They are an absolute must if what you are selling can not be proved easily. For example, becoming smarter or earning more money.

So how can you go about getting these powerful testimonials:

  1. Call repeat buyers and ask them why they repeat
  2. Talk to long term customers and ask them what they like about the product or service
  3. If you have a happy customer who is having trouble writing the testimonial, offer to write it for them!
  4. The trick is to ask, ask for a testimonial. Begin with the words “I wonder if you may help me?”

Nigel Hobbs
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