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The first Small Fish Business Coaching newsletter for the Eastern Suburbs

Welcome to Small Fish Business Coaching’s first letter for the Eastern Suburbs. We hope you find these monthly emails interesting and useful and we’ll certainly try to make sure they are. They form part of Small Fish’s ongoing communication strategy. We want to stay in touch with you – whether you are looking for a business coach right now or whether you are not – we’d like to be in touch for the time you decide you need help or some of our services, for when you bump into someone else who does or for when we need to use yours.

As this is an introductory email, the first article outlines our Washing Machine analogy (see below). This is a simple way of describing how the systems we use address a business’ drivers of profitability. It provides a framework to help you understand how we operate and where we’ll focus our energy, if you choose to appoint us as your coach.

You may have already seen this picture and had the analogy described – if it is a duplcation, we apologise.

Business Coaching is more than just the business strategies we employ, though. In a business coaching program, you will assess your business – for strengths, weaknesses, risks and for your goals and dreams. You’ll work with your coach to make a plan and you’ll then work together to make the plan actually happen.

We really believe that this is where the value lies – in making the changes and implementing the initiatives that you decide are right for your business. Aided and held accountable by your coach, dragged out of the day-to-day to think about your plans and working within this powerful framework, you will see results.

Introduction to your Business Coaches

Small Fish Business Coaching is a rapidly growing (but still rather small) business. We began in 2006 on Sydney’s Northern Beaches when the business consisted of one coach (Jon Dale) and a lot of hope and hard work. There are now four of us – Jon, Sam McKnight (also Northern Beaches based), David Wayne and Dan MacLeod (both based in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and working between there and Sydney metro).

Dan and David joined the team in  mid 2008. They bring a wealth of commercial experience to the group and to our clients. Dan has spent time working in sales and risk management roles with large corporations and used to be a Chartered Accountant (I say used to be because it’s not something we like to advertise too strongly!). David has occupied a number of senior sales and business development roles within large and medium businesses, lately as Strategic Account Director for RedBalloon Days.

The Washing Machine