The Silent Customer

Last week I had an amazing meeting with Jeanette Forma of Card Services Hawaii. In that meeting she brought up the idea of the Silent Customer.

You know whom I am talking about; in fact I bet you have been a Silent Customer a time or two before.

A Silent Customer is the one who enters the store with the intention of purchasing something, but whom is either ignored or just dismissed in favor of another customer. They are often browsing your store quietly, but with no desire to make any additional effort in making themselves known.

What happens when you walk into the store and nobody acknowledges you?

What happens if you have a question but can’t find anyone to help you out?

How does that make you feel?

Do you feel unimportant?

Are you in the mood to buy, or are you in the mood to fly?

For me at least, I am usually in the mood to fly and head to the next store. While I don’t appreciate having someone pester me the entire time, I do appreciate a nice greeting and someone at the ready to help me with whatever questions I may have.

If you make me feel unimportant or not worthy of your time, then I will more than likely not give you any more of my time…EVER!

You are not just losing one sale, but many future sales. To think that all it would have taken you to earn my business, was a simple greeting and follow-up concern to see if I had any questions.

Is that to much to ask?

Consider these last few questions:

How many Silent Customers have you had this past month?

How much business have you lost because of them?

Isn’t it time we make a conscious effort to welcome our Silent Customers?

I challenge you to do more, and make the effort!

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