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The Third Donkey has the right idea

third donkey

This video is all over Facebook at the moment. It’s pretty funny watching the donkeys jump over then the thinking donkey moving the pole.

All the comments seem to be about wanting to be the third donkey but it took me somewhere else.

There’s usually another way to approach a problem.

We often approach our problems in the same way we always have (like the first two donkeys) but sometimes a different approach will work better for us, if only we considered it.

What problems in your business are you approaching the same old way? Why don’t you try something else?

If you want to ask me what I would do differently, go ahead and ask me.

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About the Author

Venus Dela Salde

Venus handles the back office and admin, ensuring all operations and marketing strategies are implemented smoothly and properly. She also assists Lindsey in handling digital marketing and social media for the company to generate traffic and leads for the website. She’s the best person to contact for any enquiries or information about Small Fish services. Venus holds it all together for us in Davao - she’s very persistent and proactive and helps us keep things in place so we can have a smooth operating machine for our business.