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Too Busy – There’s no such thing (Hint: You’re Procrastinating – Manage your time better)

Hi it’s Jon here. Today’s Toolbox Tip is: ‘There’s no such thing as ‘too busy.’

“I’m too busy to do that.”

“I’m too busy to that difficult thing, that uncomfortable thing, that big hard job.”

Well I’m calling…I’m calling bullshit on you.

I’m Jon, I’m from Small Fish Business Coaching. I run the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program. It’s a coaching program for the owners of trades businesses who maybe need to get over a little bit of their own bullshit so they can build the business they want (Maybe that’s you).

I hear this stuff all the time. I hear it from my clients:

“Jon, I didn’t do the thing we discussed, I got too busy.”

Or “I was on-site, I had to go to site, you know, the guy didn’t show up, had to go and swing a hammer.”

Or, “I had clients; had to go and sort this out, you know, I didn’t do it. I couldn’t do that job that I agreed was important to me because I had to see the client, because I had to go to site, because I had to fight fires, because there was a pour I needed to attend to.”

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All sorts of things get in the way of doing the difficult, tricky thing that you told me was important. It’s not just my clients, I hear it all the time from people who do or don’t take me on as their coach and it’s kind of like it was out of your hands. It’s kind of like it wasn’t your fault. Well like fuck it wasn’t your fault because it was your fault. You made a choice.

I’m sorry to be so hard but you did.

  • You chose to do what you did do instead of the thing you were going to do.
  • You chose to jump and go t