Tradie – who does your online marketing? Does anybody?


Hey it’s Jon here from Small Fish Business Coaching.

Who does your digital marketing? Does anybody? Does your website bring you leads because it should? How much traffic does it get? How do you get traffic to it? Do you pay for adwords? Do you pay for SEO? Or you just kind of leave it to chance.

Are you doing that map thing on Google you do feature on that little map when people search, the locality map… Not surprisingly, as a business coach, I’ve spend a lot of time thinking about this. About how as a tradie or a builder, you should be using your website and digital marketing and all that lovely online stuff that everybody talks about. Social media, Facebook, and Twitter, and Linkedin,  how you should be using all of those to bring your business.

I also know that many of you don’t much. And I think you are missing an opportunity to be making some money. I think what you should be doing is reasonably clear, you should be using “search”. People are online all the time looking for a tradie. Now it’s where we first go when we think “I need a plumber, electrician, and maybe a builder”.

Or the old things are still true, “Referral” is important, “Word of Mouth” “It’s not you know, who you know” that’s still important. But people do increasingly go online. You need to be there or you’re going to miss out on that portion of people who were doing that. Here’s another thing for you, your locality and  specifying your locality is very important. Trades are very location specific. If you’re a builder in Sutherland, there’s no point showing your ads or even your website to somebody in Neutral Bay or Northern Sydney. They’re not going to come and hire you, so you’re wasting your money and your energy, so location is very important. Something else that’s important is having a decent website that looks good that reflects who you are, that makes it clear to your customers the kind of trades business that you are, the kind of service you’re going to deliver, and it kind of proves it to them. With the right imagery, and the right words, and the right stories, and the right testimonials, and even the right videos, that stuff is really important too.

So if you want your digital marketing to work properly for you, and if you’re not doing it properly, guess what you should do? Of course, you should just give me a call. I’ve written a Digital Marketing Assessment, which is a kind of the planning questionnaire to help you figure out which types of digital marketing you should be spending your money on, and your energy on. It’s very easy for all of us to go, “Oh, I should be doing Facebook” and start putting pictures of s*** on Facebook and you know if you’re not careful, it can be just be a colossal waste of the your time.

If you like my questionnaire, I’ll email it to you. No charge, drop me a line or give me a call or something. You’ll find out how somehow and happy days. See you!

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