2 Tradies Kill Themselves Every Week! Don’t be one of them please.

Sorry to bring you down with this, but this article in the Sydney Morning Herald shocked me and made me want to ask you to look out for each other.

Read the full article here! 

It’s two men a week. Some of them are business owners like you or me whose business is failing. Some of them are workers with other problems like relationship breakdowns and money problems.

I don’t want to be too preachy and I think it’s very clear that it could easily be any of us.

Myself, I lost my business and my marriage all in one go, 5 years ago. It was a hard time and I was pretty low for a long while. I never felt like killing myself, probably because I was cushioned by friends who loved me and cared for me and I got to see my kids every week. I was shielded from the worst of the angst by other people.

It seems that trying to deal with it on your own is the biggest problem – without other people to put you problems into perspective for you, they can feel bigger and bigger and overwhelm a person.

We owe each other some support here and maybe the best thing I can ask you to do is to try to make sure that you keep an eye out for people who look like they are alone and unhappy with it. You guys are important, show them you are interested.

If it’s you who is feeling low, talk to someone. I’m not a counsellor but you can always call me for a chat. No charge 🙂

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