Vehicle Signage -What does yours say about you?

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach

Your vehicle and it’s signage says a lot about your business.

It’s often the first impression your customers have of you – it drives around representing your business all day long. And it sends very clear and specific messages about your business.

Are you sure you’re sending the messages you want to be sending?

I’ve been charging around taking photos of good and bad vehicle signage for this blog.

Let’s play good sign bad sign.

A sign tells people what you do.

Check this van out. What do they do?

van with "Repairs" signage

Forgive me if I’m stupid but I drove and rode my bike past this van for about 3 weeks and I still didn’t know what they repair. Cars? Surfboards (I live in Byron Bay). No it’s mobile phones. Obvious when you know.

So it looks OK but it’s not helping me decide whether to call them.

What about these two?

Heinz Solar's car ads

0S71's car ads


To me they both say that the owners are doing it on the cheap – and that is probably what they’d do on my job.

I’d expect them to be low priced, discount even and I don’t think I’d trust them with anything more complex than mowing my lawn.

What about this one?

Standby Electrical Services car ads

A bit basic to my mind. Still on the cheap end but workaday and nothing wrong. But I’d expect him to be inexpensive too and not be too innovative.

Another one:

Dwyer Smash Repairs car ads

They’ve done the nice window at the back but the door sign looks like a sticker. Cheap but it is only a loan car for a smash repair shop.

vehicle signage

Cheap and basic. Like the jobs he does?

You get my points right? Now for some good ones.

Byron Bay Painters vehicle signage

This one is clear and professional and it tells you what he does.

Full wraps. I like these. Guess why.

Larkin Vehicle Signage

J Carls vehicle signage

LMR vehicle signage

These three are full car wraps. I think they are great. You can’t miss them can you? They stand out and in a good way – advertising, branding and even making an older vehicle look fresh and young.

This is my favourite – it’s not even real yet. The guys at Printspot have mocked it up. You would not go unnoticed would you?

NG Electrical vehicle signage

My friends at Printspot in Murwillumbah do a good job if you’re near them. http://www.printspot.net.au/

Last two – no signs at all…..

no vehicle signage

no vehicle signage


What’s going on here? They work for someone else> They are going incognito? Get a sign. If they work for you, get them a sign!

Last one. My car. Cool marketing or pointless vanity? You judge.

Smallfish vehicle signage

(Hint:  They call them vanity plates)

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