Why Are You In Business Anyway?

Jon wrote a story in the Byron Shire Echo last month entitled “Why are you in Business Anyway?”

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Who’s your business coach? Obviously, as a business coach and a coach and recruiter of business coaches, I think everybody should have one. Well… I would, wouldn’t I? It’s good to be writing here. I promise I’ll try to be interesting and maybe even useful. I’ll go for funny, sometimes, too. All in 250 words a month. Today I want to ask ‘Why are you in your business anyway?’  Think about it, it’s important. There are disadvantages to owning a business that you don’t get in a job– stress, cash flow (or not), staff problems. You know them, I’m sure. So you need to be clear on why you’d take all this on. When we’re coaching you, we use a very basic three-step process – Audit, Plan, Action. We work out (with you) what’s going on and what you want to achieve, then we make a plan and write it down. Then we start taking action.

I know it’s simple. What did you expect? Ten secrets to world domination? Sorry, there are no secrets. The closest thing to a secret in business is the observation that the biggest difference between those in business and those with a job is that those in business got off their arses and did something. The rest of it is the usual – what are you trying to achieve, what should you be doing about it? Get on with it then! This brings me back to my question. What do you want? Enough money for biscuits? Autonomy? World domination? (It’s up to you.)

It’s worth being clear and making sure you steer your business in that direction. It’s easy to let your business be in charge, instead of you. So think about it, write it down. Show your partner. Or your mum. Or your business coach.

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This video by Derek Sivers whose new book, Anything you Want, is out now, illustrates the point really nicely.

Stuff the MBA types – don’t let them ruin everything.

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