Why Putting Your Head Down And Churning Through Work Is A Pretty S#!tty Strategy (Actually)

Put your hand up if you do that. 

Obviously, don’t really.

It’s something a lot of people do.

It’s a bit of a male tendency and it seems to be a bit of a tradie tendency.

When faced with lots to do, it’s common for people to just get stuck in.

I’m sure you prioritise, I don’t mean that, but what I do see is that people prioritise the urgent jobs; the easy and quick jobs and they defer the bigger or harder jobs or the ones that don’t give an immediate payoff.

Does that sound familiar?

I bet it does, it’s very common and of course, it’s costing you.

I’ll give you an example. 

I have a couple of clients who pay me for business coaching which is quite expensive, as you know. And they often don’t show up for a scheduled call (that they’ve paid for, right?).

In all their cases (it’s 3 people, 2 businesses) they’re letting themselves get swept up in the immediate, seemingly more urgent jobs and by doing this avoiding those big important jobs that grow their businesses. 

They’re doing this because their heads are down – blindly running along the work treadmill. Yes, they’re getting jobs done so customers aren’t pissed off, so that’s good.

And they’re making money for the jobs too, so that’s also not a disaster.


They’re not doing the work we’ve discussed – the work they should be doing, to hire more skilled tradespeople who can do the other work they’ve been busy doing. 

They’re stuck, aren’t they?

That’s the cost – staying stuck and not getting out of the cycle. 

It’s frustrating because they want to. 

If they do the right work (and in this example) hire some good people, they can grow. 

They can free themselves up to hire more people and focus on sales and marketing and making their businesses more profitable and more secure.

With my clients, I’m working with them to try to break this cycle of head-down burn-up stuckness. I’m not a cock, I don’t just say, ‘No show, your fault.’

Are you doing this in your business?

What are you going to do about changing?

Have you considered coaching?

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