Why Your Mindset Is Important (Part 1)

Your mindset is an attitude to the world or something in your world. 

You’ve got thousands of them. 

You mostly learnt them whilst growing up, from the people around you (like your parents).

But you continually develop and change mindsets throughout your life (hopefully).

“Why is this important, Jon?”, I hear you say. 

It’s important because you probably have entrenched mindsets that are holding you back.

Remember, I’m talking to tradespeople and builders on a journey of building a business, not necessarily a massive one but one with some people in it, grown and scaled a bit, with systems and structure and profitable.

So your mindsets could be holding you back. 

You could harbour s#!tty mindsets and attitudes from your youth, that are making it harder for you to grow your business and get the success you want.

Your mindsets are tip-top. 

But most of you (most of us – I’m not immune) are harbouring some unhelpful mindsets AND we could (can) change our mindsets to some that is more helpful.

There are a couple of mindsets that I’ll describe here for you to consider and then I’ll write another 4 blogs about mindsets specific to pricing, money and business and what you can do to help you change your mindset about something.

There’s a guide too, ask for the ‘Mindset Guide’ and we’ll hook you up.

So two non-business-related mindsets to consider in a minute; then some business and trade-specific mindsets I see in people, and if you have them you should try to change; and some work you can do on yourself to help you change them because changing them isn’t easy.

You might be quite attached to them and they’re part of who you are and how you project into the world.

So I’ll try to persuade you of the need to change them and then give you stuff to do.

Scarcity and Abundance as the first pair. 

You can have a scarcity mindset where you pretty much think that stuff is scarce (money, time, attention), there’s only so much to go around and if you give some away you’ll have less for yourself.

An abundance mindset is one where you feel that resources aren’t scarce and being generous with what you have doesn’t leave you with less – there’s plenty, there will be more.

The abundance one is the one you want if you’re going to grow your business. 

It’ll help you be happy and to invest your time, energy and money into the business and your people, whereas a scarcity mindset will have you reluctant to invest and slow you down.

The other pair is Fixed VS Growth Mindset. 

‘Fixed’ means you feel like you and other people (and your business) can’t change, can’t learn, can’t grow.

Whereas, growth says you can and the world is full of possibilities.

Fixed mindset people say things like, 

“I can’t” or “You can’t”.

“You can’t grow. It’s too stressful. People won’t do a good job.”

People with a scarcity mindset say things like, 

“Don’t want to invest in training them because what if they leave.”

“I don’t like to spend money on new tools or vehicles or pay people more or…”

You get it, if you are burdened by a fixed mindset or a scarcity mindset, think about re-assessing.

Watch out for the other videos.

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