5 of the Best FREE Business Tools

5 of the Best Free Business ToolsYou know the saying… “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. I disagree. I find free stuff for business all the time! There are so many fantastic free resources, webinars, eBooks … the list goes on.

Why is it free?

Sometimes we assume “free” equates to “crap” but this is not always the case. The list below have free offerings – you can upgrade if you love them so much you want more!

1. Mailchimp
Golly gosh, I just love Mail Chimp. You will need to pay if you exceed a certain number of emails per month but you would need to be sitting on a massive database to do that. If you have tried newsletters before and have decided they don’t work for you, you were probably making some common mistakes – read my blog about the 5 biggest mistakes here!

2. Skype

Skype rocks my world on a weekly basis. If you have not downloaded this nifty program then you are missing out on free calls to other Skype users. It is fantastic for face-to-face communication – switch the video on and voila! It is like you are sitting in the same room as the other person. I use Skype to coach clients and to catch up with friends and family. You can even make conference calls, which is fantastic if you have a team that is not office based.

3. Toodledo

Need to manage your own task or assign group tasks? Then this free program is the answer. Steve Eastwood put me on to this one and I have now got clients using it for project management. I use it myself so it must be good! You can download a free app if you have an iPhone and/or iPad or go old school style and use it online.

4. Facebook

I send clients and the other Small Fish Coaches nuts with my love of Facebook. There are very few businesses that this is not effective for. Set yourself up a free business page and start using Social Media to promote yourself! Mine is here if you would like free business tips! If you are not sure how to use it visit www.nataliealaimo.com – she is the “go to” gal for Social Media. You will find some great free resources such as eBooks and videos on her site. She is also running a free webinar in October, which will take you through the changes Facebook are making.

5. Free one-hour business coaching session

You knew I would slip that one in to the list! If you have not already booked a free session with a Small Fish Business Coach then do it now! We are smart and lovely and genuinely want to help. If business coaching seems like it might be for you – great! If not, we will still be friends and you will have some new ideas and a bit of fresh insight into your business.

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