9 Ways to Improve Your Sales – A Lesson from Beaurepaires

With small business doing it tough these days it pays to get back to the basics.

Here’s how I was given a lesson on marketing, sales and a touch of classy customer service this week by Beaurepaires Burwood.

It started with a thought…and ended in 4 new tyres.

I decided since I had an hour free I would get a quote for new tyres for my car before a well meaning member of the Victoria police decided they would force the issue by adding to the state coffers. It’s one of those jobs you keep putting off because ….well…. you know it’s going to hurt the hip pocket.

In my local area I have two main tyre suppliers just a block away from each other, so off I went to get two quotes (as you do).

I remembered a while ago my wife had taken her car in to the local Beaurepairs for a simple puncture repair (a $20 sale) and they were really helpful so my first thought was to call in there – after all there was a bit of a relationship already.

Lesson 1: Be excellent on even tiny sales -you never know where they may go and they start your business relationships.

I pulled into Beaurepaires Burwood store. Great location – right on the corner with space to park in the driveway.

Lesson 2: Make sure you are where your customers can easily find you.

Walking in to the shop I was greeted by two smiling shop assistants who were busy on the computer at the time but quickly stopped what they were doing and stood up to see to me.

“A quote? No problem, let me out come and have a look”. Anthony quickly diagnosed what I already knew…. 4 new tyres all round.

Lesson 3: Focus on the customer – they are the most important person in the store at the time.

I explained that the tyres I had on the car seemed very hard and was that normal? Straight away he took me over to a pile of tyres and pulled one down off the shelf and pointed out the features of how great they were. – “These have just come off the truck -here…..feel they have a soft lining – these will be great on your car and fix the hardness problem.”

Lesson 4: Know your product, listen to your customer, and provide a SOLUTION and let them feel like them own it.

“No problem, sounds good– but how much?”. I was still in the “I want a quote” mode.

“Well today we just happen to have a Buy 4 -get 1 free that’s 25% off so I can do a really good deal for you”.

Lesson 5: Make the price attractive (not cheap – these are $250 tyres here!) the customer must perceive it to be value for money.

“And – I can fit them today! Can you leave your car with us?”. Anthony even offered to drop my keys in the letterbox because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pick the car up before closing time. How good was that? Anthony certainly wasn’t going to let me go off and get that second quote.

Lesson 6: Make it easy for your customer to do business with you.

So there I was standing in the shop with all the barriers to buying removed and a fantastic offer on the table. What else could I say?

Wait… there’s more:-

“And by the way – for an extra $7.50 a tyre we can give you extra protection so if any tyre is destroyed or damaged during its lifetime for any reason we’ll replace if free. (Conditions apply I’m sure).

“Great! – I’ll take that”….

Lesson 7: Upsell Upsell!!- If the margin on a $250 tyre was say 30% (I’m guessing here) the profit would have been $75.00. By getting an extra $7.50 out of me per tyre with no extra cost to the business the profit suddenly became $82.50. Now the gross margin is 33%!!! Straight to the bottom line!

I am pleased to report I am extremely happy with my new tyres and marvel at the way the whole transaction was handled. Well done Beaurepaires Burwood, here are the 9 things I learned from your business this week.

  1. Start your business relationships early no matter how small
  2. Position yourself where your customers can find you
  3. Focus on your customer, they are your most valuable asset at the time
  4. Know your products features and benefits
  5. Listen to your customer’s pain points and provide SOLUTIONS to them
  6. Help your customer feel like they already own your product before they buy
  7. Make it easy for you customer to deal with you
  8. Find something you can add to the sale without adding to your cost
  9. Provide excellent customer service

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