A Success Story… Well Almost!

Last week we were prompted by one of our coaches to enter the Bankwest challenge- Explain your success story and you could win $10,000! So, we did….

We thought we would share with you our entry:

Our vision is to build a global company (we’re not there yet!) supporting business coaches (Small Fish) to build their businesses helping other Small Fish to make their businesses better.

We’re at the beginning of our journey – only 13 business coaches and 40 current customers (not bad for a 1 year old franchise!), so you couldn’t call us an unqualified success yet. But, there are already success stories.

A few of our coaches are now cash flow positive and we know they are feeling the relief that it brings. Melanie says “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m loving it!”

They are also starting to enjoy the glorious feeling of having helped someone. Debra Drummond, of Pink Printing Supplies, said “Thanks for taking the time to care about my business, Simon.”

We’re trying hard to foster an environment where we support each other and enjoy working as a team. We’re succeeding here too- our coaches love being part of the group, our staff love working here and the directors love the journey we’re on. Lindsey, our marketer, says “I wanted to go back to Sydney but I’m staying here now- I love it.”

Even our customers like working with us- we’ve surveyed 35 past customers and asked them for a mark out of 10 for our coaching’s overall helpfulness. The average mark was 7.45 and the qualitative responses were overwhelmingly positive.

We’ll finish with an answer to the question “What sets us apart?” It’s because we really mean it. We really want to build this business that works for us, for our coaches and for our customers; our staff and our coaches want to do the right thing by people.

Maybe we have succeeded after all…

We are not sure how we will do, but we are pretty proud with how our business is going! Are you proud with your business success story? Maybe you should enter the Bankwest Competition too…

Jon Dale
Small Fish Business Coaching Byron Bay

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