Another Year Done

Another year done! What will you change next year?

As we approach the end to yet another calendar year, it is useful for us to use the upcoming months to reflect on our successes or opportunities. What will your reflections reveal this year of you and your business?

  • Did you hit your goals for the year? – goals can be financial, growth based, development based or to focus on any aspect you wanted to achieve. The main point being that you actually had a goal for the year? Don’t panic though if you didn’t as all is not lost, set one now for next year.
  • Does your business look like you wanted it to look? – Physical size as far as turnover, number and quality of staff, the types of clients who buy from you etc.? If yes, then review what it was you did well and continue or enhance it. If no, then establish some plan of action to fix the gaps to make next year better.
  • Is your work-life balance where you want it to be? – have you had a holiday and was it stress free, or did you call the office every hour while away? Have you missed those important family events or kids sports days? Unfortunately it will happen, but how can you reduce this lost time opportunity in the coming months? Do you need to ‘let go’ a bit and have someone do some of your tasks?
  • Are you making more, or building an entity worth more than you would have if you had one of those 4 letter words, A JOB (well not technically one word, but it works for my point!). Should you go back to the corporate world, or have you got what it takes to turnaround your business if it was a bad year?

Now would be the perfect time to go on about the needs or benefits of getting a business coach, or utilising one of our awesome products like the Business Audit Consultancy, but I won’t do that (unless you decide to click on the links of course! What I will say is DO spend the time reflecting on your year in the coming weeks. Write down what worked and what didn’t, and spend the time to plan for an awesome year next year.

It is never too late to start planning.

Tony Ozanne
Small Fish Business Coaching Canberra

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