Are You Confident in Your Ability to Succeed?

Are you confident in your ability to succeed? Watch out if you’re not. Chances are, without confidence in your ability to succeed you’ll be procrastinating before you know it. Which pretty much guarantees you won’t reach your goals. Which will result in a lack of success. Which will make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A self-fulfilling prophecy that you could have averted simply by developing more confidence in your ability to succeed.

So…. off you go, sort that out and be wildly successful.

I know…… If it was that easy you wouldn’t need me.

There are a lot of places to lose confidence when you’re in business. You’re often faced with uncertainty. You have to respond to things quickly, often without time to give a measured decision. You’re faced with frequent novel situations, often not having the time to familiarise yourself with what you ‘should’ know. These are just a few ways that your confidence can be undermined. I’m sure you have plenty more.

So what can you do to increase your confidence and stop procrastination?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I working from my strengths? If you’re not, you’re wasting valuable internal resources trying to get good and feel good about doing something you shouldn’t.
  • Can someone do this better than me? If the answer is yes – delegate, or pay for it.
  • Are there skills I could learn that would help me feel more in control and more competent? It’s worth investing time to build skills you can use again and again.
  • Have I set goals that allow me to feel a sense of achievement (success) along the way? Small successes build confidence. A goal that only feels successful at the end means you need bulletproof confidence to keep motivated on it.

I think that’s enough for now. Try these questions out and let me know how you go.

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