Delegation – How To Make It Work

We often talk about how do you make things easier and free up time to get things done. If you are going to achieve more you are going to need to delegate more as you can’t do everything yourself.

We are often relectant to do this: “no one does the job as well as me” is an often quoted statement. My answer to this is how well did you delegate? Delegate badly and instead of improving your day, your frustrations reach on all time high. Delegate well and you will start to see genuine progress.

The difference between these two contrasting scenarios comes down to one thing. How clearly did you explain the delegated task? Each time you delegate a task, understand that that the task must be clear before it can be succesfully completed.

  • Connections. How does this relate to what I do?
  • List of steps. What do I do know now?
  • Expectations. How will I know when I’ve succeeded?
  • Ability. What support will I have?
  • Return. How will the company benefit from my efforts?

If you put these simple steps into place, your delegation will be succesful, freeing up time to get other things done.

Nigel Hobbs
Small Fish Business Coaching Sydney

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