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Does your acountant remind you that, at the end of each quarter, a BAS is due in the next 28 days?
When you haven’t provided him the necessary information, does he remind you again, so you can slip in underneath his 2 week extension?

This is just one of the compliance measures we have to worry about – think of the full range of things you need to comply with and you’ll understand why it is helpful to have a relationship with a pro-active accountancy firm like Banks Consultancy.
Banks Consultancy is a customer and friend of Small Fish and they are rightfully proud of their ability to provide excellent accounting services. They provide the ful range of accountancy services except major audits. In the world of compliance, you need to know that the small things are being looked after.

What sets them apart is the fact that they will actively chase you to make sure you get your BAS or tax return lodged on time – you won’t be left with a fine, knowing that it’s your own fault (unless you ignore their reminders, in which case you are definitely at fault!)

Further, as an accountancy and business consultancy firm, they provide far more than BAS and tax return services and will go beyond to help you understand what to do with your business’s money, help you plan your future and give you knowledgeable support where your business’s finances are concerned.

My friends at Banks Consultancy would like to hear from you. They have agreed a special offer for friends of Small Fish. They will do your first BAS for free! (no shoe boxes – that is a bookkeeper’s job, not your accountant’s)
If you would like to talk to them, contact them on: jeff@banksconsultancy.com or 1300 792 874

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