Why Great Customer Service Will Pay Off In The End

Great Customers Service brings Customers Back

I just bought a new lawnmower and whipper snipper to replace my shitty old ones. I bought battery-powered ones, quite cool – you’ve probably seen them. (Makita – there was a deal on). 

It’s lovely – the neighbours even commented on how fancy I looked as I played with my new toys.

And on Monday, I got a Facebook message from the lovely woman at the checkout at my local Mitre 10 (it’s Lee at Mullumbimby – credit where it’s due).

She’s tracked me down on Facebook from my name on the receipt. I called and she told me “I feel a bit bad because there’s another offer I forgot to tell you about.” Turns out, I can have a free leaf-blower because I bought the mower and whipper snipper and batteries. Lee arranged it for me, even sent the claim off –  she did the whole lot. I just have to wait for my free blower to show up. 

What a lovely thing to do. She didn’t need to do that. I was happy with my purchases and if I ever found out about the bundle I hurried out on I would have only had myself to blame. 

It’s clear that Lee did it because she’s a nice person but also that Mitre 10 has a generous culture that encourages this type of caregiving. 

It’s tempting to think that Lee has cost either Mitre 10 or Makita the same money by getting me my free blower when I’d already bought my stuff.

But look at the goodwill it generates! 

There’s a Bunnings down the road and a Mitre 10 in Byron Bay, not much further away. My spend on tools and hardware and gardenings gets shared between them but I’ll probably trot to Mitre 10 in Mullumbimby first every time now, because of that lovely goodwill. 

So how’s your business’s customer service? 

Are you customers routinely thrilled by the jobs you do and the service that wraps around it? 

Is your customer service systematised? 

Do you have a culture that encourages your people to look after your customers or your customers’ employees) like this? 

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It’s worth doing – worth investing in making this happen, isn’t it? It costs little to look after people and look at the goodwill that comes back. Make it systematic – make it happen every time

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