How To Hire Good People In A Trades Business

Right now, everyone is finding it hard to find good people – pretty much everybody has a job, right?

A lot of the people I’m talking to are finding it hard to find decent people. They put an ad out on SEEK or something and they either get no applications or no good applications.

I’m making a series of four videos (for this month) to help you understand how you can do better than this and find yourself some good people so you can grow your business.

And I’m going to give you a free copy of the Hiring Process we use in the Tradies Toolbox to help my clients make sure they hire decent people.

(And as usual, it’s not magic, it’s about following a process).

This video is called ‘Make It Appealing’.

How many times have you looked on SEEK or Indeed and seen ads that say things like ‘commercial and residential plumber’ and not much else or the description say something like ‘opportunity to go permanent’

Whoopie – doo!

If I was a plumber and I wanted a job,  ads like that wouldn’t exactly jump out at me and say ‘apply to this one!’

They’re not exciting, are they? Not appealing.

So have a think about why someone might want to come and work for your business.

Why will it be good (or appealing).

Remember, it’s a trade, you’re not advertising for someone to road test sex toys or put sunscreen on Scarlet Johanssen – they’re not expecting miracles but think about why it’s good to work with your business.

Do this before you write your ad.

Thinking about the pay-pay is attractive. So is overtime, for some people. Think about the work – what sort of plumbing is it. What do you like about the work?  Is it varied, interesting, clear? Are you working on luxury houses, or yachts; or building houses.

Think about what’s appealing for someone.

Think about the conditions too. Are the hours flexible, can you accommodate someone who has kids or a life outside work; do you do RDOS or a 4 day week?

Is the vehicle provided (can they sell their vehicle if it is? That’s worth a lot).

What are the training opportunities, the promotion and growth opportunities, the bonuses, the parties?

Do you see what I’m doing? There will be stuff that makes the job and the pay and the conditions of your company different and better than ‘normal’ jobs.

Make it real, make these things true in your business (of course).

When you’ve done that, make sure you write an ad that tells people this cool stuff.

You should still write the job description. First, follow the 9 steps hiring process, and write an ad that tells people what the job is and what sort of person you want.

But also make sure your ads talk about all this cool stuff – they need to know the boring stuff and the appealing stuff.

Remember, it’s marketing. You’re not marketing for work, your marketing for employees but the principle is the same. Make it appealing.

Make it appealing to the right kind of people.

That’s the job of an ad.

And if you want to get your hands on the free download – The 9 Step Hiring Process reply or comment HIRING and we’ll hook you up.

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