Keep Customers Happy With Rewards

How many clients did you contact these past few weeks? It better be a lot, since we haven’t been in touch for awhile!

Who doesn’t love presents? Or praise? Or some unexpected little treat? I know I do. Customers love these too.

I’ll give you a little scenario. Think…training your dog. What does he get everytime he does something good? A reward. A pat on the head. 

A doggy biscuit. Words of encouragement.

Customers do good too. They buy from you. They engage your services. They pay you money which puts food on your table and a roof over your head. I think they deserve a reward for that.

Lots of people respond better to recognition than they do to ‘things’. So try thanking your customer for their business. Show gratitude for them choosing your business. I can feel the warm-fuzzy’s radiating from them already. 

Let’s not discount that presents are also nice. Is there something physical you can reward your customers with after they’ve been involved with your business? Can you send them a pen or coffee mug with your logo on it? (good top-of-mind awareness stuff there too (part 4) – every time they use the pen or mug they think of you). Ooh I’m good with the overlapping strategies today! Could you find something that is personally meaningful to the particular customer that shows that you know them (part 2)? Ooh I’m on fire! Maybe you could send them a reward on an anniversary (part 1). Ok now I’m getting carried away.

Anyway, you get the picture.

What would your customers want to be rewarded with? How can you start to implement the reward system? Next: Implement it.

Ps. I’m open to being rewarded for sending these awesome newsletters too. Champagne please. French champagne please. Thanks. You’re awesome.

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