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A Personal Profile of You

Written by: Michelle Hanisch

A mystical land where 98% of all human productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored.”

Everyone I have ever met loves finding stuff out about themselves. I’m no exception. As soon as I see a link to a test that will tell me something about my personality, I’m onto it. I’ve even done Facebook ones that profess to tell you what your ‘age’ is by answering stupid questions. In case you were wondering, mine was 7.
I’m guessing you’re no exception. The interest in stuff about yourself I mean. Not having an intellectual age of 7.

So today I’m going to provide you with a link to a research-based website that will tell you what type of procrastinator you are. You have to read this article first though.

If you haven’t jumped to the end I foresee that you will have a low score on the Procrastination scale.

So why is it important to know what type of procrastinator you are? Because there are different strategies that work best with different types. I go through these in my Stop Procrastinating and Get Sh*t Done Program.

If you’re the type who procrastinates because you don’t value what you’re doing, you need to find a way to inject meaning into it.

If you’re the type who doesn’t expect to do well, don’t feel good enough, or lack belief in your ability to do this task, you need to build your self-efficacy and optimism.

If you’re the type who leaves everything to the last minute because you think you work better under deadlines, you need to work on