Prioritising Your Strategy

Strategy – a word you may have heard often .. especially if you’ve been following Small Fish for a while. 

It’s a word that we all know, one that’s etymology can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Greek words Strategia and Strategos meaning ‘general, commander of an army’ and the breakdown of each part of these words comes to mean – drive forth, lead, draw out – which is something quite important to note. 

We still use strategy in that sense today – to drive forth an idea; to lead and draw out a plan. However, the word has evolved further. Business strategy specifically outlines the plan of action for a company to achieve their vision. It aids in driving forth the company in setting its objectives and following them. Leading the decision-making in a controlled, thought-out process. 

So it’s all well and good to say you have a strategy – you’ve written a vision statement. And I know for a fact that is what quite a few trades business owners do… 

But if you’re not prioritising it – looking to it regularly to help lead you and your business towards that glorious vision you’ve set. Then what’s the point in having written it in the first place, when you’re going to drive blind anyway… 

His might be hard to hear but I know for a fact that is what quite a few trades business owners do… 

Now, this article isn’t only to berate you for not using your strategies properly, I am going to explain how you can get the most out of your strategy – how you can prioritise it. 

As it is quite a large overwhelming statement of intent, I can admit that – it’s not as simple as just beginning – doing it. 

This is when that lovely word – prioritise – comes in. One of my favourite words, I think. 

To begin let’s agree that you’ve written your strategy out correctly – with your vision statement as the overarching goal which has then been broken down into the ‘big chunks’ of how you will achieve that goal and then those chunks are further crumbled into smaller jobs and tasks that you delegate out across your team and this is mapped out nicely in a colour coded excel sheet. 

Everyone has that done right? Right. 

So now you’re looking at it and you’re thinking ‘Where in the bloody hell do I begin?’

Obviously, you start by looking at the jobs you’ve decided to conquer yourself. Then think about the jobs that can most quickly solve the biggest problems. The jobs that will have the biggest benefit the quickest. 

Weight up the benefit and the difficulty of a number of jobs and prioritise jobs in order of the most benefit and the least difficulty. 

 Then begin! – simple right? 

And that’s when you have to figure out how to prioritise daily tasks so you can actually start on these jobs… (the next challenge woohoo) want to know how? Go check out my other toolbox tip on this… 

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