Self Management – How To Manage Yourself Instead of Letting Everybody Else Be In Charge

It’s Jon here again from Small Fish. I want to talk today about managing yourself. One of the key secrets to success in a trade business is YOU, the boss. You are the owner. In many instances for many of you, you’re kind of the bottleneck through whichever all the work or most of the work has to pass. And if we can make you more effective and and productive, we can get more work done, and you can make more money, and you can afford to hire more people, and take that next growth step.

So, I spend a bit of my time helping people think through what their priorities need to be, what they should be for a particular day or particular week or fortnight or month. And I think that’s something I’d like to suggest to you now. You’re going to have you know a day full or a week full of stuff coming at you to do. And if you’re not careful, you can spend all your time doing what other people want. And none of your time driving your business forward in the way you want to drive it forward.

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So take this little trick every day or every week:

Write down three things that you want to get done and then try and make sure you make time to get those three things done. (And don’t make them the quote that someone’s asking from you this morning).

Make them the things that are going to take your business further, towards where you wanted to go. They might be marketing, they might be a big quote, they might be hiring somebody new or writing job descriptions. Those kinds of things that you might otherwise defer because there’s so much other shit to get done.

That’s today’s ‘Tradies Toolbox’ tip. See you later.

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