Small Fish News – The Importance of Focus

2 months in and I’m still enjoying business and getting very close to that goal of a business that sustains itself (and my family!). I very recently hired a part-time assistant, so Small Fish is now a we not an I.
The thing that struck me most in recent months is how important focus is to a business.

I’ve learned in my coaching practice – I need to focus on the enquiries and potential clients that I can be of most help to and that fit my business model and not think that I can help everyone who crosses my path – it’s very tempting, you know.
It’s also important to focus on doing the things that you do well and not be sidetracked by non-core opportunities. I know it would be awful to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime but the chances are that it is costing you the opportunity to do what you’re good at, while you see if it really is that good!

I’ve also seen it in my clients – it’s very easy to be dazzled by an opportunity – to sell something else, to look at another market or just to respond to someone else’s great idea. While it’s a mistake to cut yourself off from opportunity, it is important to view them in the context of what they cost you – in terms of lost focus from what your business is really good at. At all times, remember your USP and your business strategy – is this opportunity taking you in the right direction?

Is this something your business can do better? It might not be types of customer that you focus on – it could be markets, localities or products.

Whichever, focus on what you do best and who you do it best for and your bottom line (and probably your sanity) will thank you for it.

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