Taking Putting Lessons- Sales Lessons Learned From Golf

The big money winners of golf follow some fundamental rules for putting. They can also be applied to score a sale. They are:

1. Never use a putter until the ball is on the green. Salespeople who apply a closing technique before the customer is ready will rarely get a chance to conclude the sale.

2. Study the roll of every green. Salespeople need to carefully survey the emotional landscape of the prospect. It is better to read the prospect’s intentions, motivations and emotions that it is to analyse and dissect the logical content of the customers statements.

3. Never use force. Pros putt with an easy, effortless, pendulum like swing. A professional salesperson doesn’t force a close on a customer.

4. Keep your eyes directly over the ball. Golf pros visualise the path the ball will travel from the putter to the hole before they strike the ball. Top salespeople always keep their eyes squarely focused on the customer’s position in relation to the close.

5. Don’t rush. If the putt has too much speed, the ball will bounce right over the hole. A fast talking salesperson has little chance of turning an open minded prospect into a customer.

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