The New Year Plan

Happy Bloody New Year…..

I feel a bit like Scrooge this January. Holidays were fun, now they’re over. It’s too hot and it keeps raining. Work beckons invitingly. Not.

And every Facebook post and blog from people like me is crapping on about New Year’s Resolutions.

I didn’t make any because I knew I’d have broken them all by lunchtime, which was wise, I think.

I hope you didn’t either and you feel better than if you’d made some and failed. Again.

But it is a new year and it is a good time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with it.

Have you done that or is your head still foggy from the endless joy of holidays and lie-ins?

Here’s my goals (I hate that word, don’t you?):

  1. Build my trades business program so it’s even better than the coaching I’m delivering to tradies now
  2. Automate the marketing so it fills up and I can help lots of tradies make more money, get more time off and feel less stressed. (Which will do the same for me, obviously)
  3. Spend less time on Facebook, arseing about.
  4. Grow my other coaching revenue by 50% (big ask, you say. Maybe)
  5. Finalise divorce
  6. Buy house (after saving up deposit, of course)
  7. Go on holiday somewhere nice with the kids and Michelle
  8. Lose beer belly
  9. Buy a stand up paddleboard (related, you think?)

OK, before you ask, yes, I’ve made a plan and I’ve started. If you’re a tradie and you noticed the recent invitations to download the free “Save Time on Quoting” worksheet, you’ll start to see some videos come through from me, hopefully useful ones and inviting you to make some changes to your business.

I hope you like them.

If you’re not a tradie, don’t feel left out, I haven’t forgotten you. We’ll continue to write articles we think are useful and relevant and to make suggestions for you to make your business better.

Final question – have you made a plan for the year ahead? If you haven’t, you should because otherwise you’ll go nowhere in particular.

So get on with it, it’s not very hard.

Should I make a video about how to make a plan? Let me know in the comments below.

If more than 3 people say yes, I’ll do it 🙂

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See you later.

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