The Power Of A System

People seem wary to put systems and processes in place. So I would like to ask you – how many squares are there in the picture to the right?

I asked my BNI this last week and got about 10 different answers. The reasons:

  • I didn’t say why I wanted to know, so they took a guess. So if they were my employees I would be tearing my hair out saying that they don’t do what I ask. If I had said that I needed to know exactly how many squares there were in order to quote for a prospective job then more care would have been taken I’m sure.
  • Secondly I didn’t tell them HOW to do it. I left it to them to find a way to come up with the answer. If I had asked them to find out how many squares are there using the formula 12+22+32+42 . Then I should have received the same answer from everyone. That is 30 

To build or improve productivity people need to know:

  • WHAT and WHY they are doing something and
  • HOW to do it

You as employers cannot assume that your employees know why they are doing something let alone how to do it. The how is the system. Unless you have one they will use their own and they may get the correct outcome but the next person who fills that role might get a completely different outcome. Remember

  • People can only ever perform up to their level of belief
  • People will always act for their reasons not yours and
  • At any given moment every person has the power to choose

Mariejan Bigby
Small Fish Business Coaching Toowoomba

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