Unlimited Paid Leave…. Yes Please

I have just heard about a media company in America called Social Strata that offers its employees unlimited paid leave. Here’s the link…

Unlimited Paid Leave

Sounds too good to be true…? Apparently about 1% of companies in America are offering their employees this option, and when you think about it, it does make sense. You just need a few ground rules in place to prevent a mass exodus.

• Great staff. If you have people who enjoy their work, find it fulfilling and like being part of the team – they will come to work by choice (most days!)

• Staff must take at least two weeks leave per year. Leave is tallied and if a staff member leaves they are paid out any accrued leave.

• Staff are still subject to performance appraisals, so if they are not getting the job done, their leave may be extended… indefinitely!

How it works.
• Careful recruiting and effective performance appraisals
• Trust
• Goals

The idea works because it is just part of a wider workplace culture based on trust and a focus on outcomes and performance rather than the more common measure of productivity, hours worked – a measure we all know can vary widely from person to person and day to day.

With this context, the idea begins to make far more sense. As long as an employee knows what is required to get the job done, they are free to manage their time as it suits them – allowing them to balance family, friends and outside interests and achieve that famous ‘work/life balance’. With added freedom comes added commitment.

The concept sprung from ideas outlined in Jim Collin’s book ‘Good to Great’. You can find out more from Social Strata’s company blog.

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