We’re Learning About Google Plus – Are You In On It Yet?

We all know that social media in business is something that most have started to use to promote their services and to get a wide presence on the Internet. And of course, just as we are getting used to all the tweets and posts, deciding what is even going to make people read what you’ve written, Google throws another social flare into the mix – Google +.

You’ve probably heard all the fuss about Google + for business pages. If you happen to be one of the early adopters who have jumped on board with this, great!

We’ve been working on Google + for business pages for Small Fish and quite frankly, we are enjoying it. Maybe it’s because it is a fresh clean slate. Maybe it’s because not that many people are using it yet and we like being one of the early ones in. Or maybe it’s because we know that Google rules the web and that frankly, if you want your business to move up in the ranks, you should probably bow down to the Google gods and do whatever they tell you. It’s not like it is going to hurt… it’s only giving your business more exposure!

We’re not pretending we are experts yet, but we’re going to figure it out, learning as we go. If you think this is interesting and useful, go to Google + and we will include you in our circles so we can share some interesting tips and information with you as we learn. We think you should definitely jump on board.

Stay tuned for more posts to come as you come on the journey with us into exploring how to make Google + work for your business. We will be working hard on our page, so why not learn with us?

Next week I’ll share our first Google+ training workshop. (I have to finish writing it first).

Lindsey Weissert
Marketing for Small Fish Business Coaching

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