Wombat Selling In Two Minutes

Seamus says “read Wombat Selling (256 pages) or read the 2 minute essence of same with critical analysis, plus four and two thirds bonus joke pack, Great value and only half a page. The choice is yours.”

Firstly people buy what they want,

when they want it,

from whom they want at

the price they want to pay. (S O’Brien – 2011)

You can alter this by applying tried and true sales techniques to swing the pendulum in your direction but like all pendulums it will return to its equilibrium. That is people buy what they want, when they want it from whom they want at the price they want to pay.

As the master said “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” (Jack O’Brien – 1962 to son on Banjo).
I propose that you can’t sell anything just remove the barriers to doing business inherent in systems, people and processes of all enterprise, ID who might most likely want your stuff and communicate in such a way they can buy if that’s what they want.

Secondly, people do not buy what they need or what others think they need or should want. They buy what they want as well as what they have no choice about buying (taxes, road tolls, Ego Caramel Magnum). Otherwise the main roadsides would be crowded with organic market gardeners selling fruit and vegetables to passing motorists driving small electric cars.

You might have noticed the MacDoogles is everywhere and the car parks are full of large four wheel drive truckettes.


Nanoo… Nanoo (Mork to Ork – 1978)

Seamus O’Brien
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