A story – Dallas’ Shifts are Part Made


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I met Dallas a year or so ago, Revenue was about $200,000 and he had a couple of guys working for him. Profit was OK but less than he could have been being paid if he was working for someone else.

His quoting was frustrating him – took lots of time and he did lots of quotes he didn’t win. He was using Excel to do them, even though he’d bought a cabinetmaker quoting package some time ago.

His factory wasn’t big enough – that was frustrating. He was too cheap and he was often on the tools. He didn’t really do any marketing and he just quoted what jobs came his way from his networking and relationships. It was enough but many of them were small and unprofitable.

We moved him off MYOB and onto Xero to get him in the cloud and got his wife doing the books and the invoicing (she had time now, kids were at school). We built part of a back office machine that didn’t need him in it and extracted him a bit.

He took the time to learn to use his quoting package and started using it properly. After a few weeks of pain, it was saving him time, not just on his quoting but because of the way it made his invoicing and materials buying easier.

He grew his team, including an installer which gave him more time to run his business instead of installing kitchens all the time. (Added a few people over the year).

He changed his sales process from quoting on whatever he was asked to quote to selling on his value and he even got to a point where he was asking them to say “Yes you’re my tradie” before he’d do the quote. he used ballpark pricing along the way.

He expanded his factory space, increased his price twice.

So he’s made himself perform better and extracted himself from some of those machines, especially the back office machine; he’s built a bigger and better team which he’s leading more effectively. His systems are stronger for delivery, his sales machine is part built too. His marketing machine remains the same except for the price increase.

His revenue is three times what it was and his profit also. He’s happier and more in control though he’s still working very hard.

The point of the story is that each shift brings a benefit and even each part shift.

That beautiful end point where you’ve got your yacht and your cocaine and your hookers (or whatever) sounds good but every step along the way makes a difference to you.

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