Are We Programmed for Long Term Change?

As I started out on my daily dose of jogging… I was reminded when I decided to start jogging…

It was a Monday morning; notice how we start anything new on a Monday- not a Wednesday, half way through the week?

Anyway my day started at 6am and I jogged around my streets and arriving back 45mins later. Feeling good about myself after a healthy breakfast I went to work.

The first thing I expressed after saying hello to all my work colleagues was “IAM JOGGING”

Next day, I jump out of bed, throw on my near-new adidas shoes and start to hit the pavement. I go past my neighbours house, who were still wrapped up in bed, and thought to myself “You lazy buggers.” All the people I spoke to today including family and friends I told “IAM JOGGING.”

Wednesday, I made a special effort and sprung out of bed 15 mins earlier. Even beat the alarm clock. After a good jog I could have not felt more fit and alive.

Thursday morning – alarm sounded. Pouring with rain outside. I thought to myself “I’ve been good- One day won’t hurt,” rolled over and went back to sleep…

Next day that alarm again! 5 more minutes!! 5 turns into 10, 10 turns into 20 and then what? Too late to go now. If I go jogging I will be late for work.


Sound familiar? We are creatures of habit and we do not have the programming for long term change.

It takes an instant to change a belief – but 21 days to instil a habit. Keep going and your dreams will be achieved!

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