Business Coaching And Weekly Shopping

For those who have newsletters, blogs and regularly updated websites that need new content, I am sure you can relate to the challenge of finding things to write about each day, week, month or year!

Myself, I find I go in bursts of excitement (like lots of things I do). I do none for a long time, then go BANG and write a few to stockpile. We are lucky at Small Fish in that we all share the load in submissions to this awesome weekly newsletter- partly so we don’t bore you with Jon writing every week, but more so to expose all of us regularly.

I’m in one of those BANG moments right now, and turned to my friend GOOGLE to get some inspiration on blog topics. I found one suggestion that said to make a list of how your industry compares to day to day things or to other industries.

Great idea, but then I had to think of what to compare it with…..hmmm….got it, the weekly grocery shop.

So here goes….get ready for it, here is my list for the 7 ways Business Coaching is like the weekly trip to the supermarket (riveting hey?)

  1. You might not like what you come out of there with, but you know you probably needed it in the long run.
  2. You may need to buy extra tissues just in case things get a bit emotional.
  3. The vegetable section may have items that don’t taste very good, but they are good for you, just like some of the ‘discoveries’ in coaching.
  4. Make sure you select a coach carefully, a bit like picking a shopping trolley – some are a bit wonky and may try to take you in the wrong direction and you have to feel comfortable with it.
  5. They both work better if you leave the kids at home.
  6. Price alone isn’t the only driver of value in either case. You have to feel satisfied with the overall experience and the process
  7. They are both less stressful if you have a plan and follow it.

Wow that wasn’t too bad…so as you can see shopping and business coaching are very similar! Can you think of some comparatives for your business? Would love to see them.

Have a great week.

Tony Ozanne
Small Fish Business Coaching Canberra

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