New Year, New Start, New Plan – Make Yours!

I’m not a big one for new year resolutions and it’s a bit of a cliche to talk about planning the year at the beginning of the year but it makes sense too, so I’m going with it. It makes a bit more sense here in Australia because it’s our summer holiday, so most of us have a bit of time and we come back to our work (or a business) that is quiet for a couple of weeks.

So, thinking about the year ahead is a valid exercise for you (and me, I’m doing it too).

I’m going to encourage you to make a plan for the year to come. When we’re coaching, we make a 3-year plan and I encourage my clients to review and update it every year.

If you’ve got a plan, renew it and if you haven’t got one, write one.

I’m running a free workshop next week to take you through a planning process. It’s a 1-hour Zoom workshop so come along. Here’s what we’ll cover.

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2 Components of Business Planning

A plan (also known as a strategy) has two components:

  1. Where we’re going; and
  2. How we’re getting there.

So if you’re reflecting on your business (or if you’re thinking about coming to my workshop) have a think about what you want for and from your business in 2021.

  • Do you want to improve your systems, make the place function better?
  • Do you want things to work without so much input from you?
  • Do you want more free time? Shorter days, shorter weeks, more holidays?
  • Are there problems you want to fix?

Maybe you’d like to:

  • Understand your numbers better, build a better team, have better margins or better marketing.
  • Feel more confident as a business person.

The framework I use to help people is consistent across all the trade businesses I coach and I’m not going to explain it here.

Come along to the workshop or read about it on my website.

For now, think about what you’d like to improve in your business.

Write them down and think about how you’re going to make them happen. 

And come to my workshop for the framework.

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See you later.

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