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Hey there, it’s Jon from Small Fish!

This video is for friends of Dan Burden. I went for lunch with Dan, he’s a mate of mine and he said “Jon, I’ve got a few mates who I think could benefit from your business coaching. They all have successful businesses, several million dollars, proud of what they do, and they all work really bloody hard, work endless hours on site and then they come home and work and say they’ll catch up with the kids on Sundays. And I see this and they complain about it, and it’s frustrating.”

He said, “The problem is, I don’t know how to say “You should talk to Jon” without it sounding like I think they’re stupid or not good at their business. Which is not true.”

I said, “I’ll make this video Dan. Let’s have a crack at that.”

I’m gonna make three points for you:

One, business coaching is not for idiots., Lots of intelligent, capable people choose a business coach. I myself have one, the boss of Google had one, Tiger Woods had golf coaches even though he was the best golfer in the world. Right, a coach helps somebody who’s ambitious, lift their game or lift their business and do it better. It’s not for duffers.

Another point that I see regularly is, particularly in the construction industry is trying to do it on your own. Lots of people think that your job is to try and do it on your own and it’s not, you know. Your job is to do it, not to do it without getting any help. In fact, I think you’re stupid if you don’t go and get as much bloody help as possible. Get as much help as you can, maximize your chances of doing it right, of doing it well, making lots of money and ending up with a successful business where you don’t have to work very hard. So put that away and think about that.

And my final point is, I help trades business owners, construction industry business owners, overcome a consistent set of problems and frustrations that you will all experience in these businesses you run. I know marketing is difficult, I know it’s hard to be sure whether you’re wasting your money or not and it’s easy to feel like you’re not back into point as wasting money so people don’t do it. So you get a job, you get busy and don’t do any marketing, the job comes to an end, and you think shit better get a job again, and you start doing some marketing. I know that’s a shit thing to do. We call it a “feast and famine” kind of situation.

And guess what? I can help you with that. I can help you do your marketing properly. I know that when you’re selling you come into constant price pressure from your competitors and it’s really hard to win business, a decent margins that make you worth you are. Hence all this running around like a mad thing trying to hold everything together and do it yourself because you don’t have the margins to pay people to do it properly or to pay a team properly.

So I know these things are frustrating and in business coaching, I’ll help you build a marketing machine and I’ll help you build a sales machine that do those two things properly so you have consistent flow of decent leads, and so you win your jobs, spending less time doing it, and at proper decent margins. I’ll help you build an operations machine so that your projects flow smoothly without defects and ****-ups. I’ll help you build your back office  so your admin is a headache free. and I’ll help you look after yourself so your efficient and effective and your team so they’re efficient and effective and an asset to you instead of a liability. Wish they can be.

So look, if you think this might be helpful to you, you have a couple of choices. I’m running a webinar next Tuesday, it’s free there’s a button down there to press if you like to book on. That’s a nice easy way to see if you like what I have to say because you can click that X in the corner and disappear without me knowing.

I’m running a workshop in February the 27th and the 28th and there’s a button for you to read more about that. That’s 2 days, it’s 300 bucks, a bit more in depth obviously you’ll learn a lot more. And if you want to escape without me knowing after slide away in one of the breaks.

And your third choice is to book a 10-minute chat with me where we’ll actually talk about your business  and your specific frustrations and I’ll let you know if I think I can help.

So there you go some choices. I hope that made some sense. I hope you’re friends of Dan, find it made sense for you. And if you’re not friends of Dan, maybe those problems are problems for you as well.

See you!

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